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Earthquake Relics
20 Cases of Successful Self-rescue
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Seismic Belts in China

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20 Cases of Successful Self-rescue

 4.  Remove with Strange Happenings

  This is a story of a middle school teacher. She lived in SongZhuang before the earthquake.(X intensity)

  At 3:30 on July 28, Song's husband came back after treating his patient. Just when he wanted to go to bed when he heard some noisy outside. So he called Song. Song had a look at the window and she saw bright red light outside. She also heard the sound like the rumbling of thunders. Song realized that an earthquake might happen thus jumped out from the window. She shouted when she ran away "earthquake, get out!". Her husband got out from the door and her mother-in-law also got out.
  After they got out, the ground was only tossed up and down slightly. They just stood there facing the North. At this moment, they suddenly felt they were shaking. They all fell backwards. The place they were sitting seemed to become lower. The houses in the northern side inclined towards the South with the ground surface. They saw the houses were like standing on a slope and the top of a tree even touched the ground. The earth shook five or six times and the house collapsed down. Then the shaking stopped and the sound also disappeared. 





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