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20 Cases of Successful Self-rescue

 5.  Save Energy to Pass Message by Knocking

  This is a story of a female worker, who lived in Xishan Road before the earthquake.(XI intensity)

  Because it was quite stuffy in the evening of July 27, this woman stayed very late. When the fierce shaking awaked her, she saw it was quite bright outside. The walls were cracked. The brick joints opened and closed, and were crumbling with a bang every minute, it was really a terribly horrifying scene. After she realized there would be an earthquake, she rolled to underneath the bed immediately. Then, the building was collapsed. The slabs fell down and she was buried under the bed. It was quite stuffy there. The woman fumbled here and there and found that she was next to the ceiling. Bricks all over surrounded her. Her clothes were still on the bed and the bed was already broken. Her breath became more and more difficult, in order to survive, she started to draw the bricks down from collapsed walls. When air and light came in from outside, she felt she had got the chance to survive. She didn't know how long it had passed, when she heard her sister and her neighbors calling her. She shouted for her dear life, but no one heard her at all. Because the people outside didn't know her position, they had no way to start the rescue. Her sister shouted outside asked her to knock. When the people outside heard her knocking, they dug up the debris and saved her.

  As can be seen from this example, if a person is deeply buried, it is no use for her to shout; she could conduct the method of knocking and this was also the method to tell others where her position was.





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