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20 Cases of Successful Self-rescue

 6.  A Couple Survived by Taking Drastic Actions

  Mr. Wang was a worker of a power plant in Tangshan. Before the earthquake, he lived in Fujiatun village in the suburbs. (XI intensity)

  It was quite stuffy the day when the earthquake happened. Because Mr. Wang must look after his sick wife, he slept quite late. Just at the moment when he was sleepy, he heard loud noise like that of a flood. Mr. Wang realized that it might be the sound of the earthquake and he was terribly scared. He shouted like crying "earthquake, run away!" It was quite bright in the East and Mr. Wang jumped out of the window. His wife jumped out immediately after him. When they entered the yard, they felt they could not stand straight. They were tossed up and down. The fluctuation of the earth was about one meter up and down. The following was the horizontal swaying. Loud sounds were emitted. Then, the house collapsed. They estimated that the interval in-between when they heard the sound and the collapse of the house was about 20 seconds. 





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