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20 Cases of Successful Self-rescue

 7.  Enlarging Hiding Places to Survive 

  This is a story about a man worked in Majiagou Mine. He lived in the houses of the mine before the earthquake. (X intensity)

  After the earthquake, I was completely covered by the debris. At the beginning, I did not know the real situation with me, so I dared not to move blindly. I feared that the cover over me would become more compact if I move. But I thought, many people were waiting for rescue under the debris and probably no one could come for the rescue in a short time. If the condition permits, I should rescue myself instead of waiting for others. First, I tried carefully to move my shoulders and drew back my arms, then I could move my upper body. I didn't encounter any danger so I became even courageous. I tried to move the rocks around me to further places. This enlarged my space for survival and my inhale became more smooth, which created conditions for my survival. When I felt someone was outside, I shouted at him loudly. Since I did not spend so much energy, my voice was loud enough to be heard. Two men came and they immediately removed the debris on my body. I took an active part to cooperate with them and from inside I passed the stones to the outside. Gradually, I could move my legs. I came out of the debris at last.

  I believe one should first try to rescue himself when he was covered by debris. This could not only save time, but also help to rescue other people that are covered. 





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