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20 Cases of Successful Self-rescue

 8.  Remove When Funny Things Happened 

  Mr. He was a farmer of Fengrun County, Tangshan City. He lived in a one-storey house before the earthquake. (IX intensity)

  After he got up in the morning of July 27, Mr. He found that the fishponds of his village were covered with dead fish. The team leader saw this, yet he was too grieve to take any action. The inhabitants of the village all came to catch fish without knowing a disaster was approaching. During that night, the chickens were restless and kept chirping. The chirping of the chickens' were so noisy that Mr. He got up and took them out. Quite to his surprise, the chickens stopped chirping at the yard. When he lied down on the bed, he heard rumblings like those of the thunders. Mr. He was too restless to sleep at all. The dead fish, the chirping chickens and the rumbling sound, made him think of the earthquake. At this, he awoke his wife and two children and them moved into the yard. A little while later, the earth started to rock. Everything, including people, was shaking with the earth. They clang to the earth and tried to keep still. Their houses, their tents and walls collapsed one after another. But, by this time, all the family members were in safe place. 

  Because of their mental preparation, they all escaped the disaster. The result would be too dreadful to think of if they came out a bit later.

  I believe one should first try to rescue himself when he was covered by debris. This could not only save time, but also help to rescue other people that are covered. 





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