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20 Cases of Successful Self-rescue

 9.  Triangular Spaces Makes Survival Possible

  This is a story about an electrician in a factory. Before the earthquake, he was working in the switchboard room. (XI intensity)

  The working place of the guy was a workshop as high as dozens of meters. The switchboard room was only a small room of 6 square meters in the workshop. The roof of the room was made of precast concrete slabs. While they were working, they heard sounds like the howling of winds. They were not knowing what had happened. Suddenly, they started to shake and they saw the lights swaying too. In the beginning, they could hardly stand straight. But, in a second, the ground started to rock more violently. The doors and windows rattled nosily and the glasses were broken into pieces. Several people had to crouch in the nook in-between the switchboard. By this time, they could not even crouch and so they had to sit on the ground. The light turned off suddenly and they fell into utter darkness. Then, the workshop collapsed. The South wall of the switchboard fell towards the South and the concrete slabs fell down. The switchboard blocked the North ends of the slabs and a triangular space was formed. People here all survived the earthquake.

  Mr. Ma and Mr. found a hiding place in a steel box and they also survived. 





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