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20 Cases of Successful Self-rescue
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20 Cases of Successful Self-rescue

 10.  Take Precaution Measures When Strange Happenings Occurred

  Mr. Liu, a worker in a power plant of Tangshan. He lived in a one-storey house before the earthquake. (X intensity)

  On July 27, when Mr. Liu was on his way to work, he found the water in a well had some strange changes. He felt particularly stuffy that day. In some places, the tree leaves and branches seared. He realized that these might be the forebodes of an earthquake.

  At about 3 on July 28, Mr. Liu was drinking water in a wing-room and he found it was quite pinkish in the sky. Three minutes later, before he lied down, he heard wind started howling fiercely. The wind was swirling like an airplane in the sky. Immediately after this, quite bright light appeared, together with it were the rumbling sounds of the earthquake. Associating with the strange happenings of the daytime, he realized that an earthquake might come within a short while. He immediately dragged his mother to sneak underneath the table.

  It was really dangerous. As soon as he and his mother sneaked under the table, the earthquake took place. First the ground tossed up and down; then, it swayed left and right. The ground rose and fell in a large scale. They could not stand straight, so they could only crawl on the ground. When he recalled this experience, he said it was like that he was floating on the waves. Utter darkness surrounded them. Suddenly, they saw a fireball in the northern side of the mountain. It was as red as the twilight in the morning. But it disappeared in a short while. Immediately after that, they heard the cries and screams in the distance, which were so miserable that Mr. Liu could not forget them up to now. 





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