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20 Cases of Successful Self-rescue

 11.  Hiding beneath the Loom, Surviving the Earthquake 

  The following is a story of the workers in Huaxin textile plant. It happened in a workshop of the factory, which was a one-story building with saw-teeth like roofs. An earthquake occurred and caused huge damage to 11grade.

  There were about 130 people working on the night shift in the workshop and about 30 people in the next two workshops on the 27th. During the earthquake, people could hear winds whirling outside. There were also flashes of reddish lights. Then the earth began to shake and someone cried "earthquake". All the people found a hiding place under the looms. The earth began to tremble and the wall to the West collapsed. The wall on the East did not fall and the roof dumped down by inclining towards the East. Because of the shelter of the looms, not many workers were injured. When the earthquake stopped, people came out on by one along the East wall. There was another young man, he had just stepped into the workshop for about 5 or 6 meters when the earthquake occurred. He turned and wanted to ran out, but he was hit down by the falling beams. The beams were so heavy that he could not get rid of them. He was pressed to death. He would have escaped if he hid himself beneath the loom. 





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