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20 Cases of Successful Self-rescue

 12.  Be More Careful with Incessant Occurrences

  Mr. Hu, was a villager in Kaiping District of Tangshan.

  Before the earthquake, Mr. Hu was a safeguard in a veterinary station of Tangshan. That day, he lived with Doctor Cao in one room. At the time the earthquake happened, Doctor Cao was sleeping in the room, and Mr. Hu was on duty outside.

  During the daytime on July 27, it was quite stuffy. It was very hard for people to inhale and exhale. The fish in the village pond was all floating on the water surface. The water was quite muddy, as if it was brewing. It was quite easy for people to catch fish. Mr. Hu also caught a big fish of more than 5 kilograms. During the daytime, many minks got out of caves and ran here and there. Mr. Hu was quite puzzled at these strange phenomena. He asked himself if it was going to have an earthquake. But on the second thought, he believed that it might be a little shake even if an earthquake happens. Though he didn't take it so serious, he reminded himself to take care. When Mr. Hu was patrolling, he designed to keep some distance from high walls. He paid great attention to the movements in the distance. As soon as the earth started to shock, he was fully aware of it. He immediately asked Doctor Cao to come out of the room. As soon as Doctor Cao stepped out of the room, the house collapsed. Mr. Hu was crawling on a big wood at this time and he was far away from the house. First he felt the earth was shaking in the north-south direction, then he felt the east-west swaying. People could not stand straight at all. Before these, there were two sparks in the Southeast liking two fire balls. After the sparks, the earth started to shake. Big trees were also broken by the swaying. The air were full of irritating yellow smokes and dusts. People's cries and screams in the distance seemed to be more miserable in the night air. 





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