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20 Cases of Successful Self-rescue

 14.  Take Measures when Unusual Things Happens

  Mr.Li, a college teacher in Tangshan

  Before the earthquake, Teacher Li was participating the socialism education movement in a commune with nine other teachers. Many unusual things happened on the 27th.

  The earliest of all the events was that someone found that the water pumped out from a well was rather muddy, which was a blackish red, as if it were dyed with iron rust. Moreover, the water also gave a bad smell. A strange phenomenon also occurred to a pond in the back of the yard they lived because bubbles continued to gush out as if a spring was there. Such phenomenon attracted a lot of people to watch. During a meeting held in the evening, they were also quite surprised to see that the guerrilla team leader came to attend the meeting with a string of bats. As soon as he stepped into the room, he exclaimed to others: "Don't you think it strange? Usually, the bats would fly towards the outside, but they flied towards indoors today. A lot of bats gathered around the wall and I caught many of them in a while." Which was more unbelievable was that, in the midnight, the loud speaker of the commune called on people to chase back the run-away draught animals. Teacher Li went with them and when he came back, he found the animals ran away by biting off the leather ropes instead of the feeder's negligence to fasten them.

  A series of strange phenomena made Teacher Li's head full of questions. During his discussion with other people, he raised the question that he believed such phenomena were something happened before an earthquake. He locked the door loosely during that night. Even though, when teacher Li lied on bed, he still found himself sleepless. Thus, he turned on the light to read newspapers. He was really tired out at about 3 in the night. But he found it was quite bright outside when he wanted to go to bed. The winds were whirling but he couldn't see any movements of the tree leaves. He jumped out of the window while trying to awake his fellow teachers by shouting at them. When the house began to rock, his fellow teachers all ran out one after another. Then, the house collapsed. It was sheer lucky that no people or animals were injured or killed.  





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