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20 Cases of Successful Self-rescue
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20 Cases of Successful Self-rescue

 15.  Find a Hiding Place with Calmness

  It is a story of a worker who originally lived in the East Street of Tangshan. (XI intensity)

  Mr. Wang was in a light sleep before the earthquake. First, he heard the rumbling and saw the bright light of the earthquake. He took the light as the nuclear first. The earth began to shake in no time and he got to know that an earthquake was coming. Before his house was collapsed, Mr. Wang's wife tried to run out of it first. But it was too late to open the door at this time and Mr. Wang had to ask her to hide under the firm framework of the partition wall. Mr. Wang took up his two sons and hid under the bed. As soon as they found their hiding place, the house collapsed. Because his house was well built, each of them was able to find a safe hiding place before it collapsed completely. It was quite lucky that none of them was injured. 





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