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20 Cases of Successful Self-rescue
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20 Cases of Successful Self-rescue

 17.  Detecting Earth Light and Removing

  This is a story about a middle school teacher and the teacher lived in a one-storey house before the earthquake. (IX intensity)

  The following is the situation of that night he described:

  It was extremely warm that night. I didn't fall asleep. A short while before the earthquake, I seemed to hear the friction sounds of two huge rocks. I opened my eyes and it was quite bright. It was quite similar with the light of welding, but I felt quite strange because there were no factories nearby. I once read some brochures concerning earthquakes and I believed it would be an earthlight. I awoke the schoolmaster who slept together with me and shouted "run away, earthquake!" We ran out together, and the earth didn't shake at this time. We started to feel a bit shake after we ran out. The schoolmaster ran into an onion field and I clang to a tree. Then, the ground began to shake horizontally. The tree shook very hard and the treetop almost touched the ground. The houses in the distance groaned glibly. The shaking stopped suddenly after several shakes. Then, the houses were all collapsed. 





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