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20 Cases of Successful Self-rescue

 18.  A Sensitive Dog Gave Warnings

  Mr. Liu, a farmer in Fengnan County, Tangshan. He lived in a one-storey house when the earthquake happened. (X intensity)

(1) During the night of July 27, 1976, Mr. Liu was awaken by the barks of his dog in his dreams. His dog was scratching his door leaves as if it wanted to enter the yard because of some unexpected danger.

(2) He didn't mind so much at first because he thought the dog would calm itself down a while later. Then, the scratching became harder and harder and Mr. Liu had to get up to let the dog in.

(3) Quite to his surprise, the dog wanted to drag him out of the house as soon as the dog was in. Mr. Liu wanted to get rid of the biting but he failed to do so no matter how he tried.

(4) He had to follow the dog into the yard. It was quite dark outside and he was terribly scared. A while later, strange sounds began to be heard and strange lights were seen. The earthquake happened. His dog saved his life.

   A dog is more sensitive than a man in knowing an earthquake. 








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