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20 Cases of Successful Self-rescue

 19.  Rushing out at the Beginning of the Earthquake

  This is a story of a middle school teacher and the teacher lived in a one-storey building before the earthquake. (IX intensity)

  A few minutes before the earthquake, the teacher's infant started crying fiercely. Both the husband and the wife were awoken. The mother could not calm down the infant no matter how she tried. The teacher saw it was quite bright outside but being veiled by the mosquito curtain, he could not see very clearly. He had mistaken it as dawn but he suddenly heard the howling like that of winds. Accompany with the "wind", he seemed to hear the rumbling of a large lorry. The sound spread from the East to the West, and he felt the ground started to shake in no time. Now, he realized that an earthquake was happening, so he immediately asked his wife to come out with the infant.. It seemed the earthquake was not so serious at the beginning, but, when they ran out, the shaking became quite violent. They could not stand still at all.





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