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20 Cases of Successful Self-rescue

 20.  Being Warned by the Horse

  Mr. Wang, a farmer in Fengrun County, Tangshan. Mr. Wang lived in a one-storey House before the earthquake. (IX intensity)

  Mr. Wang is a stockman and was in charge of the draught animals of his villege. He was used to feed the animals outside and then let them stay indoors during the night. On the day of the earthquake, most animals were restless. They were galloping and screaming and they stubbornly refused to enter the sty. 

  Mr. Wang had some knowledge about earthquake. He knew that before an earthquake, the animals would refuse to enter the sty. Some animals would even try to escape by breaking the leather ropes that tied them. The situation of that day was quite similar with what he knew. Mr. Wang thus took drastic measures and let the horse stay outside. He himself also stayed with the animals for the sake of avoiding a possible earthquake. The earthquake did happened. Mr. Wang was quite happy because both he and the draught animals he took care of were safe. He only felt sorry that he didn't tell others about the manifestation of the animals. 





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